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Hello and welcome to Monk Designs, South Africa's premier greeting card wholesaler. I'm Angel Taylor, the founder and heart behind Monk Designs. My journey into the world of greeting cards began in 2014, following the birth of my son, who we affectionately nicknamed 'Monkey'. This nickname not only inspired the name of our business but also ignited my passion for creating heartfelt, meaningful greeting cards.

Our Diverse Collection: A Card for Every Occasion

Here at Monk Designs, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of greeting card designs to suit every occasion. From the joyous celebration of birthdays and anniversaries to the tender expressions of sympathy and love, our collection is curated to ensure that you, as a retailer, can find the perfect card for every customer. We also keep our collection fresh and exciting with seasonal offerings, like our Christmas cards, Mothers Day greeting cards, which add a special touch to those festive moments.


What Makes Monk Designs Unique

  • Quality and Uniqueness: Every card in our collection reflects our commitment to quality and a unique flair. Our signature black and white cards stand out for their elegance and contemporary design, offering a modern alternative to traditional greeting cards.

  • Custom Design Services: We understand the importance of individuality in retail, which is why we offer custom design services. This allows you to create a line of greeting cards that truly represents your store's brand and values, differentiating your offerings from the competition.

  • Ease of Ordering: We've tailored our ordering process to be as straightforward and accessible as possible, especially benefiting small retailers who may find the wholesale purchasing process daunting.

  • Wholesale Focus: At Monk Designs, we are committed to maintaining a standard of exclusivity and quality in our distribution. This is why we have a minimum order requirement of 60 cards, ensuring that our products are distributed through dedicated retailers.

Looking Ahead: Growth and Creativity

Since starting Monk Designs, we've seen incredible growth, expanding our range beyond greeting cards to include a variety of products and gifts available both in-store and online. This expansion is a testament to our adaptability and keen understanding of market needs.

If you're a retailer in South Africa looking to enhance your greeting card selection, I invite you to explore what Monk Designs has to offer. We are dedicated to providing you with greeting cards that not only meet but exceed your expectations in terms of quality and design. Join us on this journey of spreading joy and meaningful connections through the art of greeting cards.

Warm regards,

Angel Taylor

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